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CoziCabana™ Indestructible Carbon Steel Trimmer Head 2.0

CoziCabana™ Indestructible Carbon Steel Trimmer Head 2.0

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Cut 10x The Amount Of Weeds In HALF The Time!


The CoziCabana Indestructible Carbon Steel Trimmer Head 2.0 is made of high quality carbon steel wire. The steel wire rotary brush is not easy to destroy even after it hits rocks, stumps, or concrete. 

Easy Installation

Put the CoziCabana Indestructible Carbon Steel Trimmer Head 2.0 on the top bolt of the straight-shaft trimmer, then fix it with a washer and a nut for normal use. The spool on the trimmer can be easily replaced with the combination tool, and it is tightly installed with almost no vibration.


Wide Application

The CoziCabana Indestructible Carbon Steel Trimmer Head 2.0 is for so much more than just mowing! Suitable for lawns, gardens, sidewalks, walkways, parks & so much more. This carbon steel wire brush can even be used used for excavating, intense dusting, cleaning and polishing accessories.

Quick and Stable Weeding

The CoziCabana Indestructible Carbon Steel Trimmer Head 2.0 has a twist knot wire & an internal holding plate to ensure stability and safety. Excellent for cutting thick grass, tall grass, nettles, thorns, bushes, saplings, etc.  Remove heavy corrosion, rust, paint, spatter and scale removal while also cleaning weld edges.

Durable Material

The CoziCabana Indestructible Carbon Steel Trimmer Head 2.0 provides flexibility that is absent on other blades. Each individual twisted carbon steel knot is flexible but rigid enough to provide aggressive action. indestructible! Providing a long life service. 

High-Quality Service

We insist and believe in our products, if you are not satisfied, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help you find a solution together and provide an excellent shopping experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ferne Murray

This wire brush attachment fit onto my tauro weed trimmer quite easily . Really does a great job at eliminating brush and high weeds. The main thing for me was the way the wire brush cleaned off the sidewalk in front of my home and the walk way as well. Really thorough job on both ends. It is very useful and will make your motor work a little harder because of the extra weight but well worth it. Especially if you are spending less time taking out large brush and weeds then it balances out. This items will be quite instrumental in keeping my yard looking great this summer!

Margarete Sauer

OMG this is the best tool we have ever purchased. Our Island back yard has stubborned crab grass and grass stubs, well after my husband finished the yard it was clean and free if any grass lumps. Love it. Telling every one that owns a trimmer

Juliet Rivera

solo me llego el cepillo y donde lo voy a instalar? me falta la pieza donde se conecta el cepillo y no me lo deja ordenar

Alessia Dickens

Wow it clears everything you need. From small to large weeds my husband loves it.

Heber Witting

This makes my trimmer 👍. I do more with this than the string.


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